What does truly life transforming income look like? What level of income will you have to earn to create the life and lifestyle you deserve while still having enough left over to effectively prepare for your future?


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Rachel Krider Shane Krider

Have you ever considered it possible to earn $30,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 or more per month? .

As a high school drop out I had never really given a lot of thought to my earning potential. I remember dreaming of living in a big house with all the trappings and pondering the idea of going into business for myself, but I’d never quantified it to “this is how much money I’m going to shoot for in order to reach my goals”. 

This changed when I started my first entrepreneurial venture at the age of twenty-six and I met Doran. I was at a conference in Singapore and Doran was this dynamic and hugely successful guy. I was quite mesmerized with how he delivered his message from stage. Polished, insightful and very real.

He shared that he was earning just over $100,000 per month from his entrepreneurial venture. It was in that moment that I decided that I was going to become a millionaire and earn the level of income typically set aside for movie stars or rock stars.

And so, the hard work began. 

Five years later I came up for air and I was nowhere close to achieving my goal. Who did I think I was? Me? Become a millionaire?! I started to doubt my ability and lower my expectations. Okay, I’ll settle for $100k.

Then I started my second entrepreneurial venture and met Shane. My millionaire vision was re-ignited and I started to dream of the

possibilities again.

A mere seven months after getting started I achieved my first ever six-figure month. $108,000 USD profit in a single month to be precise. Fast-forward eighteen months and I’d achieved my goal of becoming a millionaire. Me! The high school drop out. 

These days I get a lot of fulfillment from teaching others how to get past some of their limited thinking (just as I had to and this is something I still continue to work at) in order to earn an income on a completely different scale to the norm. 

If it can happen for me, if can happen for anyone. You’ve just got to be willing to roll 

up the sleeves and get to work.


I’m not going to tell you that it will be easy, because it’s not. You’ll have days when you doubt yourself. This business will definitely challenge you to grow and expand. It will test you to strive beyond what you previous thought to be possible for yourself. But if you just keep putting one-foot in front of the other and continue to go after your dreams, you’ll get there in the end. 

Anything can be learned. How bad do you want it?

Someone who continues to go after her dreams is Lee Anne Bartlett. I asked Lee Anne to share what it took for her to jump to this status and create legendary success. 


“Being a previous franchise owner I was not shy of hard work or long hours. I knew that putting a BIG effort in meant a BIGGER reward. However what I have experienced in my business here has gone beyond what I ever imagined.

There has been a few different things that I feel have enabled me to jump to that next level and way beyond. With a franchise I was limited to my local area for marketing, which is really limiting when you have big goals.

Lee Anne Bartlett

So being able to now market anywhere in the world, means my business is limitless.

Being able to work on my mindset with our products and creating many amazing personal changes too like fitness, health and relationships has changed my life in more ways than one. This has been a HUGE bonus that I never expected, but super grateful for.

Having a proven system in place that is

super simple, just following the bouncing ball, means what I do now does not feel like HARD work, I get to help others who may not have the business sills, but can easily learn and implement our system and create success too.

Don’t get me wrong jumping from $30,000 a year income to almost 7 figures a year takes some dedicated work. I rolled my sleeves up, I made some HARD decisions,

and I decided what I was willing to give up short term to create what I wanted long-term. It took sweat, tears and some late nights. But it has all been worth it, because in a short period of time really I have been able to change my life and my families life forever”.

                                Lee Anne Haggard

If you have a desire to transform your life while helping others to do the same then reach out today. 

Rachel Krider

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