Success is easier than you think! Here's why. Most people believe that their education ends when they get out of college. And this is true for most people. But men and women who create significant success in their life will tell you that they took a different route. The route of continued self education and seeking out opportunities to get out of their comfort-zone and develop themselves as leaders. 
This idea is what the Prosperity Of Life Opportunity is built on.


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Rachel Krider

What does a high school drop out know about leadership?

And while you're thinking about that here's another question. My husband, Shane Krider, has asked me this question live on our Mind Power podcast.

“Rach, what does a leader have?”

Now the inexperienced may respond by listing out the various qualities often evident in a leader. Passion, inspiration, patience, integrity, confidence and transparency. While these qualities are often present in many great leaders, there is a much simpler and more accurate truth. 

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A leader has followers. Simple. 

You could be the most passionate sales person. You could have rock solid confidence. You could possess all of the leadership qualities on the lists, but without followers, you ain’t leading nobody!   

It’s the discovery of these simple and critical principles which has allowed me to really cultivate and flourish as a leader within my company, and also the personal development industry.

It’s something I don’t take for granted. It’s something I value and appreciate, particularly the great many teachers that give themselves so graciously to share all their knowledge. 

I simply do not know of another community out there which presents such tremendous opportunities for a person who is looking to express and expand their opportunities for growth than right here within Prosperity of Life. 


When I first started out I was scared to even introduce myself on an internal training call. But those little nudges I received from others in the community came at just the right time and the next thing I know I’m speaking in front of thousands.  

I’d like you to hear from a fellow leader within the Prosperity of Life community who has really flourished and stepped into their leadership within this community.


I’ve been in business for myself pretty much all my life. I spent 35 years in the automative industry, employing nearly 800 staff across Queensland and the North Territory at one point.

Cars was pretty much all I knew. But as good as it had been to me, I wanted out of the motor industry. I was sick and tired of the long hours. The stress. The grind. I got to a point where I was ready to re-invent myself and design my life differently.

Enter Prosperity Of Life. Within just 6 months of moving forward here I saw myself having a record month of $18,000 USD. To think that I’m creating this level of success so early on, working part time hours, is really quite something. 

Lee Anne Bartlett

I’ve established the work life balance that had been missing for the first chapter of my life. I can’t take all the credit though. The systems that have been developed here have made my job easy. I’ve just had to show up and play. And by play I mean put in the work. But it does feel like play. We didn’t have anything in place like this, in terms of the automation, in the companies I’ve run in the past. 

I’m just so grateful that I moved forward when I did. To have the opportunity to show others that there’s a better way than grinding it out in a traditional business or job, that’s what drives me .

Bruce Partridge

If you have a desire to transform your life while helping others to do the same then reach out today. 

Rachel Krider

Take your next step on your road to success today!